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Company Profile

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Jiangsu Lianzhen Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. was changed from Qidong Unicom Dynamometer Co., Ltd., and acquired Nanfang Normal Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. in 2014. It is further promoted through the strong cooperation and complementary technologies of the two companies. The development of engine testing technology of our company has expanded the scale of production and increased the comprehensive competitiveness.

Our company has long been committed to the research of internal combustion engine testing technology and the design, manufacture, installation services and technical services of complete sets of internal combustion engine testing equipment. The company's intelligent test equipment is mainly used in engine performance and comprehensive testing, and is widely used in automotive, engineering machinery, shipbuilding, engineering, mining, railway and other industries. The main products are D, Y series hydraulic dynamometer (Y series introduced German Zollner company technology), DW series eddy current dynamometer, FZT engine automatic test bench, low speed high torque ship machine special dynamometer, engine test auxiliary System, engine factory test automation integrated test system, 3500kw series AC power dynamometer, engine performance test air intake, cooling water, fuel and other conditions guarantee system, 16吋 to 72吋 vehicle performance test drum test bench The vehicle road detection load trailer and engine research and development can meet the comprehensive test of various engines and other power machinery.

The company has a provincial engineering laboratory approved by the Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Jiangsu Province, the power test equipment and automotive performance engineering laboratory, can provide customers with engine and powertrain outsourcing test services. So far, our company has successfully provided thousands of sets of various types of dynamometers and